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Points of Pride

This school year has been brimming with achievements and excitement! We're proud to celebrate our diverse accomplishments:

  1. Spelling Bee Winners: Our students showcased their linguistic prowess and brought home victory in the Spelling Bee, demonstrating their dedication to mastering language skills.

  2. Athletics Debut: In our inaugural year participating in flag football, basketball and soccer, our team demonstrated sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill, making a memorable mark on the field.  From spirited cheers to impressive dribbles and goals, our students shone brightly in cheerleading, basketball, and soccer, embodying athleticism and school spirit.

  3. Vocabulary Parade: We celebrated the joy of reading with our Vocabulary Parade, where creativity, imagination, and literacy merged into a colorful procession, highlighting the importance of books and storytelling.

  4. Junior Beta Induction Ceremony: Recognizing academic excellence, leadership, and service, the Junior Beta Induction Ceremony honored students who exemplify our school's values and commitment to excellence.

  5. Literacy Night Activities: Through engaging activities and events, we celebrated Read Across America, fostering a love for reading and learning in our students while commemorating the timeless legacy of Dr. Seuss.

Each of these accomplishments reflects the dedication, talent, and vibrant spirit of our school community, making this year one to remember with pride.



This is a video montage of our points of pride this school year.